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We have the right staff for you. We deliver quality healthcare staffing solution services and we can guarantee a successful outcome. If you are looking for professional carers, support workers, and nurses, you have come to the right place. Staff members are well-trained and ready to deliver care at all times. Get in touch today. Canaan Healthcare is located in Southampton, Hampshire. We are committed to providing the best Homecare Services in our community and all around the United Kingdom. Our staff members are well trained and have the experience of working with service users in their own homes.” We deliver a wide spectrum of homecare services ranging from frail and elderly care, dementia to complex care specialities such as MND, Stoma Care, Palliative Care and Learning Disabilities. We design, build and operate care services for the Councils we partner with to meet and adapt to their bespoke care requirements.
Our Services

Dementia care

We care for those with dementia on an individual basis. A person’s experiences, feelings, and values are unique and an individual dealing with dementia can feel a range of emotions that are personally challenging. We realize that having a loved one with Dementia/Alzheimer’s can present many challenges for family members who are trying to care for their loved ones.
Our Services

Personal Care

Personal care services are just as they seem, they are very personal for our clients and their families. Helping a loved one with bathing or toileting can be very uncomfortable for our clients and the family member who is trying to assist. Some of our clients are very modest and it can be very distressing or embarrassing to ask a family member for help with Personal Care.

Our Recruitment Process

Our unique candidate screening and selection process is specifically designed to ensure that our healthcare professionals have the right qualifications and personal specifications to meet the needs of our clients. From NVQ certificates in Health and Social Care to BSc Nursing degrees – our team members have extensive expertise in the care sector and have all completed mandatory training in Moving & Handling and Basic Life Support. Most importantly all the staff members we recruit demonstrate the core values and basic principles of care such as Compassion, Dignity and Respect, Be included, Responsive care and support, Wellbeing

Our Services

Respite Care

What is respite care? As a loving family member, you may spend a lot of time taking care of a loved one in one way or another. You may do their grocery shopping, personal and financial matters, or help them with grooming, hygiene and or dressing every day. There will likely be a time where you want to go on a weekend away, a special vacation or maybe you have a business trip that takes you out of town.

Equality and Diversity

Our well-trained staff members are carefully handpicked to deliver quality care to our clients. We will always ensure we send you the right staff at all times, staff that are compassionate, caring, communicate effectively, competent and well-trained to deliver quality services. In order to strive for the best quality of care, Canaan Healthcare Group offers an ever growing range of services to cater for the specific needs of our clients. We train our staff to cater for the needs of our clients in areas such as dementia care, medication, diabetes, end of life etc. We have a respected and reputable training and trainers where appropriate. At Canaan Healthcare Group we understand that individual circumstances vary and we build individual custom designed care system around our clients, taking into account both client needs and available budget.

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